Q: What is Betchu?
A: Betchu is the Korean word for Wong bok & Nappa cabbages.

Q: What is Mu?
A: Mu is the Korean word for Korean Round Daikon.

Q: What is Oi?
A: Oi is the Korean word for cucumber.

Q: What is the [Batch Date] all about?
A: That's the date we produced the kimchi. We emphasize the date the kimchi is made on versus a "best by date". The bulk of our kimchi is aged 21 days by the time its offered to the public. We find the flavor & nutrition is at its prime after 21 days. When visiting us ask for a tasting, we'll gladly show you the differences between "fresh", "young" and "aged" kimchi. We almost always have all stages of kimchi ready for your enjoyment.

Q: How should I store my kimchi?
A: Ideally you would keep your kimchi in the coldest spot in your refrigerator in an air-tight container. This can allow it to keep at peak flavor/texture for 4-8 weeks.

Q: Does Jincha Kimchi contain gluten?
A: No, we do our best to use only the purest ingredients. We avoid unnecessary ingredients.

Q: Does Jincha Kimchi contain fish and/or shellfish?
A: Yes we use unprocessed seafood ingredients such as sun-dried anchovy, pure fish sauce, and salted/fermented shrimp.

Q: Is there a vegan Jincha Kimchi?
A: Not yet, but that's something we have been working to perfect for quite some time. You'll read it here when it happens.

Q: Does Jincha Kimchi contain meat such as beef, pork or chicken?
A: No, we typically only use seafood.

Q: Is Jincha Kimchi a raw food?
A:  Yes, all ingredients are prepared raw.